How to be as awesome in real life as you are in your daydreams

I’ve written before about why it can be hard for daydreamers to set goals. But despite that, we all have things we want to achieve, whether that’s getting a promotion, buying a bigger house or just finding the courage to join the local choir. And the good news is that you can use the talents you have as a daydreamer to bring you closer to your real-life goals. There are three steps that can help you super-charge your confidence and ensure that the things you want in real life can finally be within your reach.


I’ve just spent five days participating in the Tony Robbins Ultimate Breakthrough 2022 challenge. If you’ve ever watched Tony Robbins in action, you’ll know he’s all about energy. And with good reason. When you’re energised, you feel motivated, enthusiastic, ambitious. Going after your goals feels easy and natural. If you try to make progress on your goals when you’re feeling depressed or tired, it’s going to feel like climbing a mountain with a heavy load on your back. You’ll give up before you’ve made any real progress. So, it’s important to raise your energy. Tony Robbins gets people up on their feet dancing and shouting, which is a powerful way to boost your energy. But we have another equally powerful tool at our disposal – our daydreams. Do you have one scene in your plot where you feel unstoppable? The moment you save the world with seconds to spare, or when you walk up on stage and kiss your celebrity crush in front of thousands of people? You can use that scene to change your energy. Daydream just that moment. Feel the power; feel the energy; know, without a shadow of doubt, that you can do anything. Then bring all that fire, positivity and confidence back into your real life and immediately take the next step towards your goal.


It’s so much harder to do anything in life if we’re doing it on our own. We all need a little encouragement from someone who believes in us. But some of us have hidden from the world and played small for so long that not only have we lost faith in our ability to achieve anything, but those around us have lost faith in us too. They don’t encourage us to push ourselves, because they’ve seen how much we beat ourselves up when we fail. But our characters believe in us. Even if your daydreams tend to be action oriented, as mine are, there’s probably still a love interest in there somewhere who absolutely adores you. Or maybe you have a mentor character or a best friend. Bring that person out of your daydreams and imagine they’re sitting in front of you right now. Explain to them what your goal is and why you want it. They believe in you and your abilities, and your happiness is crucial to their very existence, so you can count on them to support you no matter what. Let their encouragement push you forward until you’re able to believe in yourself.


If you’ve ever come across Mary Morrissey, you’ll have heard her say that everything is created twice. Before anything can be created in real life, it first has to exist in the mind of the person creating it. An important part of reaching any goal is being clear about what the goal is and why you want it. And the best way to do that is to imagine yourself, six months or a year from now, having achieved it. We daydreamers are great at imagining. We can actually step into that future. We can sense every detail – what our life looks like, who we share it with, what the people around us are saying and, most importantly, how it feels. We can experience the positive emotions that we will feel when we’ve achieved our goal. Because it’s those emotions that will push us forwards. Once we’ve experienced just how great our future could be, we’ll naturally want to move towards it. It may become easier to take action than to not take action.

So the next time you want to achieve something and you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to take the action you need, remember: energy, encouragement, experience. Three powerful ways that we can use our talents as daydreamers to move confidently towards any goal we choose.