Daydreaming, manifesting and the law of attraction

The basic idea behind manifesting and the law of attraction is that if you spend enough time thinking about something, you will subconsciously act in ways that make that thing more likely to happen. But I’m sure I’m not the only daydreamer who has spent months – years sometimes – daydreaming that something would happen and it never did. So where are we going wrong? Is the law of attraction just a myth, or are we daydreamers going about it in the wrong way?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think that, if you believe strongly enough in yourself and your abilities, you can achieve anything you want. So, the idea that focussing on a desired outcome increases the chances of it coming about makes sense to me. But I think there are several reasons why just daydreaming about something isn’t enough.

We’re not realistic

Daydreaming has no rules. We are free to change the universe as we see fit. Much of the time that’s half the fun. We are free to explore what-if scenarios and engineer random coincidences. If we’ve based a character on someone we know in real life, we’re free to make them act however we want to suit the plot. They don’t have to stay authentic to their real-world counterpart. We make the rules. The real world isn’t like that. The law of attraction may be powerful, but it doesn’t override the laws of physics and it can’t turn people into something they’re not.

We’re not ourselves

Many of us become someone else when we daydream. We have an alter ego who might be an idealised version of ourselves or might be someone else entirely. If we don’t see that person as an integral part of us, if we can’t identify with that alter ego when we are outside the daydream, then any manifesting that’s going on is confined to the daydream, because it’s happening to someone else, not to our real-world self. This can be a particular problem for those of us who daydream as an idealised version of ourselves, because we might not think that our real-world self is worthy of the experiences our idealised alter ego is having.

We’re too aware that our daydreams aren’t real

Even if we daydream about something that could plausibly happen in real life, we still know it’s only a daydream. We’ve spent our whole lives painfully aware of the fact that our daydreams aren’t real. So even if we start up a new daydream where we carefully keep everything realistic and plausible, we still don’t really think our daydream is going to come true in real life. Our daydream can be a very carefully crafted wish, but for the law of attraction to work, it needs to become an expectation.

So, what can we do? We are highly imaginative people. We spend hours creatively visualising fantastic experiences in incredible detail. That ought to give us a head start when it comes to manifesting. The skills are there – we just need to point them in the right direction. Now, I don’t know how this works. I’m still figuring it out myself, and I suspect in any case that it’s different for everyone. So I can’t promise that any of the following will help you to manifest the life of your dreams. But here are a few things that work for me.

  • Get in touch with what you really want. We spend so long living in our heads that we often neglect to set real-life goals. Our daydreams can take us anywhere we want, but where do we really want to go?
  • Remember that daydreaming isn’t manifesting, and manifesting isn’t daydreaming. If your daydream world is too fantastical and not in any way connected to your real life, it isn’t an appropriate place to manifest something real. That doesn’t mean you have to give up or change your daydreams, it just means you need to keep your daydreaming separate from your manifesting.
  • Be realistic. There has to be a path from where you are now to where you want to be. If you can visualise that path clearly enough, the universe may step in to help you travel it. But it won’t create a path where there isn’t one.
  • Live your dream. With daydreaming, it’s best to keep the daydream world and the real world clearly separated. But with manifesting, you have to do the opposite. You have to live, think and breathe as though that thing you want is already a reality. Use your daydreaming skills to take yourself into the future and experience what it is like once you have that thing, how it changes you, what it adds to your life. And then bring that experience into the present. Live as the person you will become. Feel the love, gratitude and abundance that are on their way to you. When you live as the person you want to be, you will naturally attract the life you want to live.

2 thoughts on “Daydreaming, manifesting and the law of attraction”

  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    more accurately, it’s not thinking about
    something that manifests it… it’s believing it.

    you can think something as often as you like, but if you don’t believe it, it is wasted energy really. I’m not saying its easy. start small. what do u have to lose to try it? you can only gain. there is no harm in giving it a try and u will see for yourself that it works bc it’s universal law.

    the universe gives you what you are thinking about, whether you like it or not.

    i personally consider everything as a yes, until I am told a no and even then, all No’s are not equal. 🙂

    the general public would label me lucky. it’s not luck. It’s aggressively controlling thoughts and thought patterns, etc, which is very hard work. we have thoughts non-stop. mostly negative.. not sure why, probably because it’s easier.

    this does take ‘effort’. learning to identify negative thoughts. having tricks to get out of a negative spiral. (my 3 tricks are …1. have 2 to 3 happy thoughts that you have on deck already bc trying to think of something while in a negative space is nearly impossible so if u already have them on deck, think about that instead 2. stand up comedy.. a few min is all it takes — listen to stand up comedy on ur way to do anything u don’t want to do or are nervous like a blind date… u will light up the room when u get there) 3. south park… I challenge u to watch clip of south park and not laugh)

    I look at it as fun work…. so I’m in my own world and if I have to think thoughts anyway, why not have fun with it? yes, it can be unrealistic at times, but who cares..? unrealistic and unforeseen things happen every day!

    it starts with our thoughts. you choose whether to dismiss/let it pass or hold on to it.. a thought that you keep thinking eventually becomes a belief, whether the belief is positive or negative is up to you.
    Naturally this causes action on some level. if you action enough it becomes a habit, then it becomes part of your character.

    it’s not pseudoscience anymore. there is real science behind it.

    whether you believe u can, or whether you believe you can’t, your right.

    I recommend a book called E2, 9 energy experiments you can do to prove the universe is real. by Pam grout, there is also E3, 9 more energy experiments…

    I hope this helps someone out there.

    1. Sarah Elizabeth

      instead of music or news or commentary radio, please please please try listening to stand up comedy on the way to work if u hate or dislike your job.

      I’ve been there and it really helped me SO much .. by the time I got to work, I was in such a good mood from laughing all the way there and people are such haters, they will notice your positive energy. just keep laughing about the jokes that were the funniest and keep doing you and living your best life. then on your break, watch a few more minutes of stand up or other comedy you enjoy. I have some comedy clips on my playlist.. it’s like music, it never gets old. I still laugh every time.

      you can type in any comedian on Pandora and it will create a comedy station…you can add other comedians you like. you thumbs up/down just like a music channel. it’s an easy way to find comedians you’ve never heard of bc it’s like songs, but instead it’s stand up comedy clips.

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