Daydream relationships, whether they’re friendships, romantic relationships or family connections, can be a beautiful thing. The characters aren’t real, but your emotions are. You can love someone who only exists in your imagination. In fact,[Continue Reading...]
For years, my daydreaming oscillated between immersive and maladaptive. There were times when I could enjoy it without it affecting other parts of my life. And then there were times when it was so compellingly[Continue Reading...]
I have a story in my head. A detailed, intricate, compelling, exciting story. If I had the skills to write it down exactly the way I see it in my mind, it would make a[Continue Reading...]
I heard a fantastic conversation about AI on ABC RN’s podcast, All in the Mind. (If you want to listen to the full episode, which I highly recommend, you can find it here). Professor Joel[Continue Reading...]
Nearly all maladaptive daydreamers feel shame. It’s the reason most of us keep our daydreaming a secret. But living under a blanket of shame holds us back. It puts us at risk for depression and[Continue Reading...]