The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is published by the American Psychiatric Association. It’s widely accepted as the “dictionary” of mental health diagnoses. Many psychiatrists acknowledge that the DSM isn’t perfect, and[Continue Reading...]
I’m 50. I found out what maladaptive daydreaming was four years ago. Until then, I’d always assumed no-one else daydreamed the way I did. Those years of feeling alone were mostly unavoidable: the term maladaptive[Continue Reading...]
Most of us have daydreamed about being in a romantic relationship. For many of us, it’s the main focus of our daydreams. And even though the relationship isn’t real – and even if the person[Continue Reading...]
In most cases, maladaptive daydreaming begins when you discover that you can use your daydreaming to escape from something overwhelming in the real world. For many of us, our daydreaming became maladaptive for the first[Continue Reading...]
Before I knew that maladaptive daydreaming had a name, I used to wonder whether everyone daydreamed in the same way I did or whether I was the only person who lived another life in my[Continue Reading...]

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