I’m Kyla Borcherds – writer, blogger, mum of three and mental-health geek. I’m also a lifelong daydreamer. Since the age of four, I’ve lived many parallel lives in my head. I’ve visited worlds that don’t exist and formed deep emotional bonds with my fictional characters. At times, my imaginary worlds provided a necessary escape from the stresses of real life; at other times they were an unwelcome and intrusive distraction. But always they were managed in private, hidden from a world that has no patience with those who spend their lives lost in fantasy.

But in 2018, at the age of 46, I came across the term maladaptive daydreaming disorder and I realised I wasn’t alone. Immersive and maladaptive daydreaming are concepts that researchers are beginning to study but which the general public are still largely unaware of. I wanted to learn more. And so began a journey to understand my own mind, and to use my daydreaming to heal from a lifetime of shame and low self-esteem. By harnessing the power of my daydreams, I’ve been able to overcome depression and reconnect with my authentic self. I’ve turned my daydreaming from an unhealthy coping mechanism into a powerful tool for self-development. Through this blog, I hope to inspire other daydreamers to do the same.

I live in Birmingham, UK. When I’m not writing or daydreaming, I love swimming, walking, gardening or anything else that gets me out in nature.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, especially if you have any questions about daydreaming or topics you’d like me to cover in this blog, you can use the contact form below: